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[Salam] I’m Waleed Khan -- Peshawar based ... Uhm...

I'm still figuring out how to introduce myself or what should I call myself.

But for your ease, let us just rely on "A Jack of All Trades", and the next phrase is not important!

Here, in this blog, I share everything that makes sense to me to be shared with you. Aha! I know you would be thinking, I'm just another guy with a blog.

Thanks, Mate! For your precious thoughts.

I'm living my life in Peshawar, Pakistan. Once, the hotspot and one of the most dangerous cities of Pakistan. But that time has passed and things now are rather peaceful. 

I started my blog back in 2018 to continue my passion for writing. I was previously running a blog focused on startups, technology and business back in 2016 which eventually shut down due to a shortage of finances.

Most days you’ll find me in the kitchen cooking up something delicious for my family with a Chef's spirit and smile on my face.


Because of how my personality or genetics is, I'm a very inconsistent and ever-changing person. My hobbies have changed too much over the past 15 years. From a gamer guy glued to my Hp Compac Pentium II to a David Beckham fan playing as a Midfielder, from reading and learning the whole manuals of Adobe Photoshop 7 when I was 13 to keeping a variety of pets and spending hours and hours learning their behaviour and interaction

On the rare occasion, If I’m not thinking about food, you’ll find me gardening (I love growing house plants), reading & sifting articles on the web or rummaging life-easing ideas for a better society.

Entrepreneurial Chapter

I started the entrepreneurial chapter of my life back in 2012. When I used to teach English/IELTS in an academy, I thought of starting my own academy where all languages could be taught and in a better systematic way. Although I started twice and it operated for more than half a year, but due to unavoidable reasons, I had to wind it up.

In 2017, I started my own Greengrocery Shop, My idea was to open Standardised Greengrocery stores all across the country where fresh, local and affordable fruits and vegetables are available for everyone. Affordable meant that price fluctuations were minimised to 4 times a month. The benefit of this idea to the society was, food crises would have been minimised and wastage was to be reduced, local farmers would have been supported, and prices would have been less fluctuating which usually causes instant changes in demand and supply. But this startup also came to a halt when societal pressure of studies increased and capital was about to run out in a couple of months.

In 2018, I started a Learned Society with my friend. It was a giving back to the society project and if it was kept alive, there would have been great benefits for students, academicians and researchers. The Learned Society came to a halt when I completed my Post-Grad from the university.

In 2020, after returning from a three months visit to Abu Dhabi & Dubai, I started working on my long time startup, the 31 Agency! A full-service digital agency offering anything from Branding, Business Strategy to Digital & Print Marketing. I'm keenly interested in Design, may it be anything, which makes a difference and influences lives positively. 

I have unending, life-changing (in a positive way) ambitions which, InshaAllah! when starts operations, would have a great impact on the lives of the people of Pakistan & beyond.

Interested in Working Together?

I’m available for collaborations with brands to create experiences that inspire people.

For more on how we can collaborate, Get in touch via Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

I hope you learn & enjoy what I share!

Thanks for stopping by, Have a nice day ahead!