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Zanzibar Restaurant Peshawar Review

Zanzibar Restaurant Peshawar

After taking a right in the roundabout, also known as Aman chowk, Gora Qabristan or was previously known as Shama chowk and heading on to the University Rd, not far away, there is a huge sandy colour building to your right, the Shelton’s Rezidor.

It’s basically a hotel, part of the TM Hotels Chain but has a well-established restaurant on the ground floor known as the Zanzibar Restaurant.

Last time when I visited, It has its front door open which lead directly to the restaurant sitting area but it wasn’t this time. A nearby chowkidar will ask you to enter the other door which leads into the entrance hall of the hotel.

Alright! Let us go that way.

You can basically enter in three ways, the door to the restaurant which opens directly into the restaurant sitting area from outside, the door entering the entrance hall of the hotel from outside and through the stairs in the basement from the parking area.

As you enter the lobby, you will find the reception desk in front, a few elegant vintage rococo style chairs and sofas on the right and the door to the restaurant to the left. The lobby was very elegant and swanky with intense yellow illumination, walls covered with wallpapers and classic style frames hung all over.

The Zanzibar Restaurant: A Contemporary Casual 



The Zanzibar Restaurant is something different, it is not like the common restaurants with almost similar sitting areas. It’s very Different! It will give you more of a living room type of experience. Like, the walls have those wallpapers and wooden portions (made of wood), unbalanced photo frames hung over the walls, there are old-style decorations pieces, books in the wall shelves and classic chairs to the tables. The place feels a bit congested as it's filled with so many props and decor.

Zanzibar Restaurant’s Beef Steak

After around 45 minutes, I heard the expected sizzling sound of the dish I ordered. The Beef Steak!

And the Steak was laid over in front of me on an iron platter on a rough black wooden tray with a small squared-cone shaped cup filled with yellowish sauce… Oh Yeah!

The beef steak was served with chips and seasoned vegetables like carrots, cucumber and squash. The yellowish sauce (probably contained mustard) was spilt all over the beef with fried onions layered below all of this (I don't like onions much :/ ).

The beef was medium-well fried, a bit tender, not smashed and the sauce made them felt a little juicy. Overall the beef was excellent but didn’t like the veggies they served with.

Timings & Accessibility: They operate from 11am (Morning) – 12am (Midnight). They are wheelchair accessible and I guess it's from the basement parking through a lift.

Reservations & Pre-Order: They take pre-orders and reservations. Here is the number for (091) 5701202 reservations & pre-order.


I would give Zanzibar Restaurant Peshawar a 7.5 out of 10 overall ratings.

Ambience & Vibe: 8/10
Noise Level: 7/10
Service & Staff: 7.5/10
Value / Prices: 6/10
Food Quality & Taste: 8/10
Hygiene: 8/10

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What’s your experience of Zanzibar Restaurant Peshawar and its food? Let me know in the comments below!