How to get rid of greasy hair

Greasy hair is a big problem; especially who are more exposed to the outdoors of countries like ours and we all experience it most often. Whether it’s due to the polluted air or over washing or overdoing hair products but it is there.

Unfortunately, for some people, it’s a regular thing and controlling it is sometimes difficult.

Lets dig in the causes of greasy hair and some of the tips to get rid of it.

Causes of Greasy Hair!

We all have it naturally!



The Sebaceous Glands!!!

Our skin (head, face and all over our body) produces this oil to keep our hair healthy and prevent it from becoming brittle and breaking. Also, did you notice our hair has a waterproof layer on it? That’s the oil/grease we are talking about.

So, over time this oil builds up, becoming a magnet for dirt and dust, making the hair look dirty and greasy.

There are many causes for greasy hair including

Over-washing – the most common cause of greasy hair! As we don’t like greasy hair, we wash it more often or regularly which strips the scalp of natural oils. This activates the sebaceous glands to produce more oil and hence more greasy hair!!!

Wrong products – sometimes styling products like wax and conditioners can build up an unwanted layer on the skin causing more oil production.

Genetics – we all inherit many things from our parents, good or bad but if they had it, we most probably will have them. Even if it’s oily hair/skin. (⊙_◎)

Stress & Hormones – many functions of the body are related to our stress levels and so do the sebaceous glands. Disturbed hormonal levels also affect oil production balance.

Skin conditions – and having dry skin (even if its due to eczema or psoriasis) is another signal for glands to produce more oil. Errrrr…

Fatty food – we all know this, fatty foods contribute much more to oily skin. So tell me, Food or Greasy Hair?

Hair type – and for a person like me, with thin hair! even less oil production takes over our hair, looking more greasy.

Pssst!!! I heard over-brushing stimulates oil production, really?

So how to Stop Greasy Hair?

I’m Sorry but I cannot help you if you have it in your genetics. Also, if you are more exposed to the polluted air (car smoke or dust) like in Peshawar, it’s really hard to solve this issue. However, I can suggest a few things that I read about on the internet and practised myself which really helped me in alleviating this problem.

  • Wash 2 or 3 times a week if you are more exposed to the polluted air; either riding a bike more often or walking on foot especially on the main roads. And 1 or 2 times a week, if you commute mostly in your own car and spend more time under roof. So there will be a gap of not completely wiping out the natural oil, hence not disturbing the production balance.
  • Also try dry shampoo which will suck up all the oil from your hair roots, making them appear less greasy but….
  • It’s also not important to wash your hair with a shampoo every shower. Take a break and let the warm water take the dirt away.
  • What’s the point of using products with added oil such as argan oil if you already have oily skin/hair?
  • Lemon has ascorbic acid that makes it act as a natural astringent, reduces excess oil secretion and also removing it. Mix two lemons with a quarter of distilled water and use it. A Natural Remedy!!!
  • I read, many suggest to only apply the conditioner to hair ends but why not take a break from it for a little while if it solves the problem.
  • Exercise – an indirect treatment but it really is of great importance. Healthy body and mind affect the health of the hair.
  • Diet – and last but not the least, fatty foods. Try cutting down on charsi karahis and Rosh if you are living in Peshawar or KP, Pakistan. Seriously, add plenty of vegetables in your diet and lower intake of fatty food.