Make Your Life Better by Becoming Better: With Good Manners

Friday, January 01, 2021

If we ask ourselves how mannerly we are? What would be your answer? It’s okay, don't share it with me but, think about it.

A few days ago, my teacher spoke of a few words; Thanks, Sorry & Appreciate and that’s it. It was a big reminder for me.

Let’s start with Thank You.

I’ll start with myself, I don’t say Thank You as often as I should and the same is the case with most of us. Look around and hear to people, how many times you hear Thank You in conversations? Maybe, rarely. In fact, it’s the most under-used phrase on the planet. There are many situations we could say Thank you instead of saying things that we shouldn’t. And let’s talk about them.

We often receive compliments and ruin them almost all of the time by devaluing the statement or acting overly humble. Internally, we think this will prevent us from appearing arrogant or smug but it’s not like this. It is the opposite at times, by deflecting the praise of genuine compliment, we don’t acknowledge the person who was nice enough to say that. A simple reply of Thank You would fully acknowledge the person who made the compliment and would allow you the moment to enjoy as well.

This is very common: We’re often praised with “Your dress looks great.” and what we reply Instead? “Oh, it’s old! I’ve had it for years.” :/ What if we reply with “Thank you. I’m glad you like it.” or “You did a great presentation!”, And what we reply? “Did I? I felt so nervous up there. It wasn’t that great.” What if we reply with “Thank you. I’m happy it went well.”

Accepting a compliment empowers us and it’s natural. There is no need to destroy compliments that come our way. Accept them with grace and enjoy the moment.

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